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One Pot Creamy Orzo with Shrimp

This One Pot Creamy Orzo with Shrimp is a very straight forward recipe, so let’s just get straight to the point. The best way to make orzo is to think of it as a risotto. Now, let’s dive in;) Think of the techniques used in […]

Dinner, Pasta, Pasta

Burst Tomato Burrata Pasta

Burst tomatoes are precious little kitchen weapons. A key ingredient that can turn an okay pasta recipe into an elevated one, for example. Remember: burst tomatoes = burst of flavor. The reason I’m singing praises to burst cherry tomatoes is very simple: this easy method […]

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Creamy Zucchini Pasta

Hello dear reader, get ready. It’s story tiiiiime! My posts are usually pretty straight forward, I either go straight into explaining the recipe or if I’m feeling inspired, I waste a few paragraphs talking about random stuff, which usually drips with sarcasm (please sense the […]