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Breakfast, Vegetarian

Gochujang Eggs in Purgatory with Chickpeas

This dish is a lot of things I like all at once: it’s one pot, it’s eggs poached in a spicy tomato sauce, it’s breakfast. Gochujang is a fairly new ingredient to me, but I like it so much, I’m always looking for an excuse […]

Breakfast, Vegetarian

Chickpea Shakshuka

I rarely keep any canned food, but there are a few I like to have on hand. Chickpeas and canned tomatoes, for example, are a constant in my cupboard. As much as I enjoy dried chickpeas, for their taste and benefits, soaking them overnight followed […]

Breakfast, Vegetarian

Turkish Eggs

Is everyone doing okay after the Red TV drop? The ATW short film?? Oh man, it was an intense weekend for me, I’m slowly recovering. Oh wait, the I Bet You Think About Me video? A masterpiece. Nothing New has to be my top favorite […]