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Hello and welcome to from a small kitchen, my 100th blog to date. This ain’t my first rodeo, folks.

Under normal circumstances, I would spend hours that would turn into days going through endless theme options and all the intricacies that involves blog making, but this ain’t my first rodeo. This time around I’m keeping things simple. You’re here for the recipes, I’m here to deliver.

Actually, I’m here to spend countless, precious hours and monies testing and developing recipes for your pleasure. Someone has to do it and I volunteer as tribute. It’s a hard life.

I will say one thing though – but let me preface that by reminding you that I’m a woman and as woman, it is my prerogative to change my mind (and have a little fun, thank you Shania), so I might change this entire speech in the future, who knows – that I will not be adding a hundred popups and adds to this blog. I understand why bloggers resort to doing such atrocious things to their readers and I don’t judge them – I just slightly curse them sometimes. Blogging is a lot of work and it ain’t cheap, and bloggers deserve to have their work recognized and to be fairly compensated. No question about that, I do have to be honest though and when I scroll through a recipe page and am suddenly bombarded with dozen of popups, a video playing, loads of pictures, the whole experience throws me off a little bit, so I’ll keep things very minimal here for as long as I can.

I’m a recipe developer, so I’m always cooking and testing recipes – besides being busy doing all the other things a Renaissance woman of my caliber busies herself with. So I want to share all my food adventures with you, learn from you, and hopefully this whole thing works out and we can be friends and we can build a beautiful community and relationship based on trust. Isn’t that beautiful?

So my friend, without further ado, welcome to my small kitchen.

let’s get cooking.

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